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"Teach the Beach"

Written by Don Walsh & Illustrated by Lorraine Dey



Hector Armando - The Rain Forest Party  

"The Rain Forest Party" 

WINNER of a Silver "Mom's Choice Award"

(Bilingual, Eng/Spanish)

Written & Illustrated by Lorraine Dey

Publisher: Raven Tree Press - Delta Systems Publishers, Inc. - May. 2012


A Sweater For Duncan book cover

"A Sweater for Duncan"

(Bilingual, English & Spanish)

Written by Margaret G. Malone & Illustrated by Lorraine Dey

Publisher: Raven Tree Press/Delta Systems Publishers, Inc. - Sept. 2010



Written by Lisa Young & illustrated by Lorraine Dey



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ebook version for the nook

ebook version for iPad & iPhone


"Little Duncan penguin is proud of his fuzzy coat. What should he do when his fuzz comes off in clumps? His mother agrees to knit him a sweater, but will that solve the problem? He still needs to be a fine-looking fellow. A happy surprise awaits a grown-up Duncan."

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"The Rain Forest Party" Hector-Armando's OFFICIAL webpage.

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"Hector-Armando is a little armadillo who shares a hidden talent with friends by simply using what Mother Nature provides him."



"The Rain Forest Party"

ebook version available for the nook


























Book Trailer for "The Rain Forest Party"


The Rain Forest Party - Available at B&N A Sweater For Duncan - Available at B&N e-book available Main character, Hector Armando's facebook page

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