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"A Sweater for Duncan"

(English and Bilingual, Eng/Spanish versions) Raven Tree Press, (Fall 2010)

Written by Margaret G. Malone & Illustrated by Lorraine Dey


"In this humorous bilingual English/Spanish story, Duncan, a penguin chick, starts losing tufts from his fuzzy coat. He begs his mother to knit him a sweater to hide his bald spots, and she lovingly complies. But the first sweater is too tight, the second too short and the third proves unnecessary because Duncan has developed into a sleek penguin fellow. Margaret Gay Malone's tale of growing up and letting go is accompanied by Lorraine Dey's whimsical illustrations, which depict an expressive little bird, his Antarctic buddies and three incongruous items of clothing. Kids (and parents) learning Spanish, English or both will enjoy listening to and eventually reading this bilingual book on their own."

Mary Quattlebaum,
Washington Parent Magazine

"A delightful story of growing up, with illustrations that capture the love between
mother and child. Children learn about penguins with a fun story. Kids will love
this one. Adults will as well. The English/Spanish version has the story in both
languages. This book doesn’t mix the languages.”

Carolyn R. Scheidies,
Author’s Choice Reviews

School Library Journal
"K-Gr 3—Duncan knows that he is a very good-looking penguin. Unlike his peers with their black coats and white shirts, he has his own fluffy, fuzzy gray coat. Every day he admires his reflection in the mirror, loving what he sees. Then one day, a little piece of his gray fluff floats away, and then another and another. Duncan is worried that he is losing his downy coat, so he asks his mother to knit a sweater for him out of all of the bits of fur that he finds. She happily makes him a sweater, but it is too small. Does he actually need to wear it now? Duncan's storycreatively conveys the fun of growing up; however, the amount of text makes both versions more appropriate for school-age audiences than for preschoolers. The adorable illustrations are large and colorful. A bonus is the Spanish/English glossary at the back of the book." 

Jessica McClinton López, King County Library System, Auburn, WA

"Duncan is a little penguin who admires his adorableness in a reflective piece of ice on a daily basis. Though his coat was a fuzzy gray, not the black coat with a white shirt like the other penguins, Duncan knows he is the handsomest. One day a piece of Duncan's fuzz falls to his feet leaving a small bald spot in its place. When Duncan wakes up the next morning more fuzz is on the ground and the spot is getting bigger. He decides to ask his mom to make him a sweater to cover the bald spot on his tummy, and she agrees. After trying on sweaters that are too small, Duncan's mom has one that looks just right but before she lets him try it on, she takes Duncan to his ice mirror. She tells Duncan to look at his reflection before he tries on the sweater. Duncan is surprised to see a grown up penguin in the ice. It does not take Duncan long to realize that the adorable little penguin had been replaced with a grown-up penguin and his fuzz fell away so his fancy black coat could be revealed. Proud Duncan tells his mom to do whatever she wants with the sweater; a handsome grownup like him does not need it. Duncan's story teaches kids that sometimes scary changes reveal a grown-up, more adorable version of the original. Lovable illustrations and a perfect example of growing pains make this book a real treat to read."

Reviewer: Mandy Cruz


"The Rain Forest Party" - Raven Tree Press, (Spring 2012) Written & illustrated by Lorraine Dey

No reviews currently available for this book. Book release date: May 16th, 2012

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